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Trusted and Accurate Passivhaus Air Tightness Testing in Whitstable

Air Pressure Testing at a Passivhaus in WhitstableDeveloped in the 1990s in Germany, the passivhaus dwellings are designed with the ultimate in energy efficiency and thermal performance in mind. In fact, the passivhaus is currently the fastest growing energy performance standard across the globe. 

The aim of such an initiative is to design and develop a dwelling that has an incredibly high thermal performance, coupled with air tightness and exceptional heating. The high standards of build extend to the standard of less than 0.6 ACH that all Passivhaus properties must adhere to, too.

At Tophouse Assessments, we specialise in providing Whitstable clients with extensive air leakage and air pressure testing services at their passivhaus dwellings. All it takes is one phone call to us at 01634 799115 and we will give you the advice and guidance needed to ensure that your property reaches the target goal of 0.6 ACH.

1st Fix Stage

During the initial fix stage, we will carry out comprehensive air pressure testing to ascertain the performance and whether your Whitstable passivhaus dwelling will achieve the ultimate goal of less than 0.6 ACH. During this stage, we will also work out the average of depressurisation and pressurisation tests.

The volume will need to be fully calculated by the architect to the Passivhaus standard before we arrive for this initial stage.

An Additional set of air pressure testing

When your Whitstable build has been completed, just before it is ready to be occupied, we will carry out another set of air pressure and tightness testing to the rigorous Passivhaus standard. During this testing, we will calculate the average of pressurisation and depressurisation tests and then ensure that the air leakage complies with Part L of the Building Regulations and satisfies building control too.

Based in Chatham, we work throughout Kent, London and the Home Counties, including Whitstable. So contact us today to discuss your passivhaus air tightness testing requirements and arrange your free and no obligation quotation at your convenience.