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Trusted and Accurate SAP Calculations Provided Across Westerham

Working across Kent and Westerham, we specialise in providing accurate, highly efficient and professional SAP calculations for a range of builders, homeowners, architects and property designers.

If you are planning or undertaking the building or construction of a new commercial or domestic property, or even a passivhaus dwelling, in Westerham or anywhere else across Kent and the South East, it is absolutely imperative that you have reliable and accurate SAP calculations undertaken to ensure that your building meets all current building regulations.

At Tophouse Assessments Ltd, we specialise in affordable, fast, incredibly accurate and proven SAP calculations based around each Westerham client's individual needs and the exact specifications of the domestic or commercial building project. So call us today on 01634 799115 for free and honest advice and a no obligation SAP calculation quotation at your convenience. 

A wide range of sap calculation projects covered across kent and westerham

Working throughout Westerham, Kent and the South East, we specialise in providing property designers, architects, building companies and private clients with the most accurate and very best SAP calculations for a wide range of domestic and commercial building projects, including:

  • Refurbishments
  • New build properties
  • Property extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Highly glazed extensions

If you're working on a building project, you need SAP Calculations

During your free Westerham property survey and no obligation consultation, we will sit down with you and discuss your specific project requirements; making comprehensive recommendations on how you can best comply with all current building L1A and L1B regulations. It is not easy to comply with Part L of the building regulations at the best of times, but we are here to ensure that you do.  

Our sap calculations could save you thousands!

You might find a few SAP calculation providers across Westerham, Kent and the South East that offer you cheap calculations. While they might look really quick and easy, they won't be optimised for all current building regulations, which will then typically cost you thousands of pounds in unneeded expenditure on;

  • Unrealistic air test targets
  • Extra insulation
  • Log burning fires
  • Solar panels
  • MHVR systems

Based in Kent, we work throughout Kent, Westerham and the South East, specialising in the provision of proven, high quality and reliable SAP calculations to assist designers, building companies, private clients and architects in meeting all current building regulations.