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Air tightness testing

Souls Without Holes - Air Leakage Test at New Church Hall in Kent

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Date: Tue 30th January 2018

New ChurchWe recently tested the new church community building at All Souls Church in Crockenhill, Kent.

We spotted a few large concealed holes that had been missed and assisted by providing a quick but permanent remedy with our own special materials and know-how and managed to test the same morning.

The result? 2.3m3/ pa, which was well below their target of 5.0. This is a very good achievement and the parishioners of All Souls will stay snug in their new community hall! It's a fantastic building and we wish them all the best. Why not pay them a visit? The new facilities are excellent and it is at the heart of this charming rural community in Kent.

If you have a similar commercial or community building that you require air leakage testing for, contact Martin today on 07990556701. We are here to help. 

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