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Folkestone's Air Leakage Testing Specialists

Proven, trusted and accurate air leakage testing services for clients across Folkestone and Kent.

If you're looking for an air leakage testing company in Folkestone or Kent, you will have no doubt come across companies offering a 'takeaway' Building Regulation L1A compliance service that focuses on cheap SAP calculations and air pressure testing. While they may promise the earth, they actually often deliver weak and costly solutions that then require you to have to spend thousands of pounds on additional insulation or solar panels. You could easily avoid these additional costs by simply hiring a company with far more expertise and responsibility.

That's where Folkestone's air leakage testing experts at Tophouse Assessments come in.

Working across Folkestone and Kent for a variety of architects, designers and builders, we quote competitive and fair prices that enable us to craft and design the highest quality and most accurate SAP calculations and air leakage testing solutions for our clients. Boasting decades of unrivalled expertise and experience, we offer our clients the most cost effective ways of meeting all current Building Regulations for new builds, conversions or highly glazed extensions. 

As one of Folkestone and Kent's leading air leakage testing specialists, we will provide you with the highest quality and most optimised compliance services that will reduce your build costs and allow you to build more energy efficient and better properties throughout Folkestone and the surrounding area. Call Tophouse Assessments today on 01634 799115.

Specialist air leakage testing Solutions

Working across Folkestone and Kent, we provide designers, builders and architects with the very best air leakage testing and SAP calculations. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • SAP calculations for Extensions, Material Alterations and highly glazed structures and analysis to L1b
  • SAP calculations for New Building plans to pass Building Regulations Part L1a (UK England and Wales)
  • Air Pressure Testing & Air Tightness Testing
  • SAP calculations for Over Glazed structures and analysis to L1b

For over 12 years, we have been helping architects, builders and property designers with first class and highly accurate SAP calculations, assisting them with a range of domestic and commercial building plans to pass Building Regulations Part L1b. This is in addition to material alterations, extensions and highly glazed structures. Our unrivalled experience and expertise also means we are able to offer helpful advice and guidance on calculations and air leakage testing for passivhaus dwellings across Folkestone and Kent. 

Specialists in Air leakage Testing

We provide air tightness testing, also known as air leakage testing or air pressure testing, to architects, designers and builders across Bromley to ensure that all their newly built commercial or domestic properties comply with Part L1a of the current Building Regulations for new homes and Part L2a for new offices and similarly non-residential buildings. Alongside this, we also provide final and interim tests for EnerPHit and passivhaus conversions. 

So if you're based in Folkestone, contact us today to discuss your air leakage testing and SAP calculation requirements with one of our experienced and friendly team.

Folkestone's Air Leakage Testing Experts

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