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We'll Help You Meet Building Regulations in Chatham

New building site in LondonWorking across Medway, including Chatham, we specialise in the assessment of new and existing buildings for Building Regulations parts L1A and L1B.

It's already vitally important to have your buildings assessed by experienced professionals, but with building regulations relating to air leakages and energy efficiency getting stricter by the year, it is now of paramount importance. 

In fact, building regulations across Medway and Chatham are now set so low that new and innovative technologies and designs are required to ensure that the new dwellings pass.  

At Tophouse Assessments, we combine full qualifications and certifications with decades of experience and expertise to accurately assess your Chatham building design to the very latest building regulations Part L. We also work closely with architects and designers from the initial stage of the project to ensure the building complies.

We work across Chatham and Medway, so call our experienced and qualified team today on 01634 799115 for free building regulations Part L advice and a no obligation quotation.

What is Building Regulations Part L?

Part L of the Building Regulations deals with the conservation of fuel and power. There are four approved documents;

Part L1a

Part L1a for new dwellings (flats and houses)

Part L1b

Part L1b applies to work on existing dwellings or buildings converted to dwellings

L2a for commercial buildings

L2a applies to new commercial buildings

L2b for existing buildings

L2b applies to existing commercial buildings

Providing A Full Compliance Checklist

As part of current building regulations, you are required to provide the local authority with a full compliance notice no later than one day before the building work is due to start. This should include;

  • The target emission rate and fabric energy efficiency for the building
  • An evaluation of alternative high energy efficiency systems
  • The calculated CO2 emission rate and fabric energy efficiency from the building as designed
  • A list of specifications to which the dwelling is to be constructed

Whatever building regulations you're trying to pass and whatever building project you're about to undertake anywhere across Chatham and Medway, let Tophouse Assessments provide you with the advice and SAP calculations you need to ensure success. 

Contact us today to discuss your building regulations requirements with one of our experienced and friendly team and receive free advice and guidance.